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Townsmen city builder game is set back in the medieval time, where you have to make small village into an empire that is large in every manner. Translated into 18 languages, Age independent story mode and City Insider for help Offline: Though I no longer use TheoTown gives you the time space where the technology was simple and less complicated like now. Dark Exposure Collector's Edition.

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Grow your vampire powers and take on the insane Dr. Imagine a situation where apocalypse seems to be all but inevitable, and you have no other option left but fight for survival!

So, how would you challenge the destruction? You need to craft lethal weapons and bolster your skill. You can fight alone or team up with other players to accomplish the mission survival! Lashed with eye-catching graphics and fascinating gameplay, Dawn of Titans is a grand! The game is based on three main aspects: Equip yourself and your army with formidable gear and lead them into epic PvP battles.

Control thousands of troops in the real-time battle. Be sure to join hands with others to strengthen your power and rule the entire world! The game lets you select from multiple heroes like summoner, warrior or bloodline. Make the most of precious blades and rings to upgrade your superheroes. Use unique mounts, swords, gears, weapons and furious wings to equip your warrior to stay ahead in the battle.

Set the target and then unleash your conquerors to accomplish it. Eliminate the force of evils to restore peace and prosperity in the world. As always, forge alliance with other players to help achieve your goal.

In this game, you can team up with your friends and other players from around the world to eliminate the demons and prevent them from occupying your land. You will have a great time at arena Battle with 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 modes. Push yourself harder and make the most of every opportunity coming your way so that you can succeed in your mission. Besides, you have plenty of customization options to make yourself stand out in the crowd.

What has appealed me a lot in this game is the gorgeous 3D world, which you would love to explore tirelessly. As far as the story goes, you are up against tons of monsters that would never let you breathe easily.

While experiencing a number of thrilling adventures, you will face unexpected hurdles. You also get a chance to design your own character using the myriad of attractive dress patterns. Moreover, it lets you build your avatar with different skill systems as well! Once you get into the groove, you never feel like calling it off. Download our app and remain connected with us via Facebook , Twitter , and Google Plus to read more such stories. Amelia Amelia is the founder of Teqno-Logical. She loves video games, smartphones, tablets and all innovative gadgets that are unique and interesting.

Every time I look at the LS, I want it to appear stunning and Beautifully Crafted Wallpapers Dhvanesh Adhiya One of the coolest ways through which you can customize your iPhone Xs or the Xs Max is by setting up an awesome looking And considering how exciting the animated-emoji is, it Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. High-Octane Action on Full Display. The Gorgeous Themes Rajesh Mishra. Wow, how gorgeous this wallpaper looks on the Lock screen! Beautifully Crafted Wallpapers Dhvanesh Adhiya.

One of the coolest ways through which you can customize your iPhone Xs or the Xs Max is by setting up an awesome looking Though iOS has always offered better Parental Controls than its Android counterparts, its latest iteration iOS 12 has doubled down on restriction.

In the game, you need to counter the natural calamities like fire, drought, and famine, etc. Like other city building game, it does support Google Play game services.

There are dozens of towns and buildings available for production practices. Set in medieval times, Weather and Season effects Offline: Survival is the main thing to do in this game. This War of Mine deals with the aftermath of war-affected place where you with your group have to search for food, medicine, and shelter. You also have yourself and others from the snipers and enemies constantly searching for the people.

Divided into two cycles, one being day cycle and another being night cycle, the game offers a lot of players. Day cycle and night cycle are entirely different from each other.

The dark and emotional tone of the game makes it unique and different from other city building games. Take control of the survivors and experience the rollercoaster ride.

Complicated story setting, a good combo of action, adventure and strategy Offline: The game is somewhat similar to the SimCity game but is unique because of its pixel style graphics. Build your city with the least complexity present in the game. The city builder can make diverse zones to offer the citizens of the city. The player can build the city with the least complexity present in the game. Make diverse zones to offer the citizens of the city the basic needs of water, education, and others.

TheoTown gives you the time space where the technology was simple and less complicated like now. There are diverse categories present in the settings to help you in the process.

Townsmen Premium offers you all the locked features unlocked in this version. Counter the danger surrounding your town to ensure its peace. Encounter the brilliance of medieval times and build your pleasurable city with the least possible resources.

Create the big gardens and attractive monuments to increase the richness of your city. Ensure that your citizens are happy and secure in your town by upgrading the area. Designer City is open for all game that comes with daily and weekly bonuses.

There is a huge area present to make and design your city. Play during the day in your city and maintain the process at night. There are more than buildings that are photo-realistic and of high quality. Craft the land as you want it in this game. The thing that makes this game a good choice for other city building games is 75 challenges and achievements available for completion. You can also go to other cities to see their infrastructure and compete with friends online.

Diverse ways to play it, Redesign whenever you want and Non-scripted Offline: Enjoy every bit of your play on Megapolis due to its realistic 3D graphics. The game is all about building your city from scratch to a flourishing one. Control over the diverse areas of your town for managing the finances of the area. Develop the primary infrastructure of your city to give the best conditions for the citizens.

The game gets regular content updates and events for the city for leveling up your excitement while playing it. Challenge your friends to make your city more attractive and successful than others.

Increase the boundary of your city over the land and sea. Architecture of Ancient to modern times, Challenging tasks with rewards, Exciting gameplay Offline: We all spend our entire time accessing diverse types of games and applications whether they are good, bad or worse. Through the help of this list of best city building games for iOS and Android, we tried to show the very best of the best.

Our aim is highlighting the unique house building games for a memorable gaming experience. However, not a large number of names that are present now in the city building game genre. Nevertheless, we have a list of house building games that can help to develop a city, as you own it. You can choose one or more than one to satisfy your need. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Check here to Select Right…. All Android iOS Nokia. How to Search Music on Android with Google?

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