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The eliminated player will be the one with the lowest amount of chips when the hand is completed. I know what you're talking about from what you've seen with previous blackjack tournaments, though. He also told me, as we went along, that the poker pros weren't taking the challenge of blackjack lightly! I actually gained a solitary UltimatePoint at the month end, apparently awarded for time spent playing but this might have been from briefly visiting a poker table as a spectator. Dealer Stands Dealer Hits. Players also have a "Secret Action" card which can be used once during the game, allowing them to secretly make moves such as doubling down. Elimination Blackjack features a rotating marker.

CBS Begins Taping UBT in Las Vegas in April 2007

Ultimate Blackjack Tour Hosts Max Rubin and Mati Moralego

In blackjack, however, the players that are there, such as "Hollywood" Dave Stann, another prominent blackjack professional , are quite demonstrative.

People love to pick out the personalities they like or dislike and cheer for or root against them. It really comes across well during the UBT broadcasts. It's almost unheard of for a major television network to give such a commitment to a new program, so when CBS did that, it allowed us to have another "bargaining chip", so to speak, when it came to signing up casinos to participate in the UBT schedule. From what I understand, the UBT is already getting the second season going, isn't it?

The second season of the UBT will be starting on September 27th. We have our first tournament in Aruba, then we'll move on to St. While the first season was an invitational event of sorts, the second season is encouraging anyone to come, right? We have licensed the "elimination blackjack" format to Ultimate Bet and there is also a way to win your way in on the UBT website.

Tournaments will be running all the time at these sites, so people can come and earn their way to playing on the UBT. We brought the poker professionals in to give the UBT some credibility and they are a very sharp group. Both Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke were very excited to be asked to play and they took it very seriously. Annie even asked me for tips to improve her play!

We thought they wouldn't take it as seriously, but it was totally the opposite, they wanted to be good players. I guess it was just that natural competitive spirit that came out in them, whether playing poker or playing blackjack.

I want to thank Ken for taking the time to talk with us and telling us more on the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. The UBT will be broadcast for the next nine Saturdays be sure to check local listings for exact times and will feature the best of the poker world, including Antonio Esfandiari, David "The DevilFish" Ulliot, Hellmuth and Duke battling against the best of the blackjack world, including Ken, the mysterious James Grosjean who is always in disguise because casinos won't let him play blackjack if they recognize him and Stann.

If you want to earn your way onto the Ultimate Blackjack Tour, tournaments are running now on the UBT's website, and also can be found at Ultimate Bet. To learn more about one of the best blackjack masters in the world in Ken Einiger, be sure to visit his website at worldblackjackchampion. The Legends of Blackjack features blackjack celebrities Stanford Wong, Anthony Curtis, Kenny Einiger, and others in exciting, head-to-head competition.

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The game lasts for 30 hands. The player with the most chips at the end of 30 hands is the winner. Hands 8, 16, and 25 are Elimination Hands. At the end of these hands, the player with the least amount of chips is eliminated. Each player can also make a "Secret Bet" at any time during the game, but they can only use this option once.

When a Secret Bet card is played, the player retires briefly to a secret room. He or she then writes down their secret wager, shows it to the camera, then returns to the table and hands it off to the dealer.

Players also have a "Secret Action" card which can be used once during the game, allowing them to secretly make moves such as doubling down. When this card is played, the player also briefly retires to the booth.

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