Reviews of the Top 10 US Online Tax Filing Services of 2018

It doesn't feature all the extras you'll find in more capable products and it's obviously designed for someone who wants to get their taxes filed as quickly and efficiently as possible. It has thousands of storefront tax prep outlets scattered about the United States, along with a powerful, user-friendly online tax prep option for at-home filers. During the early stages, after you've created a user name and password and complied with any security requirements, they work like any other wizard. Its deduction walk-through was nice and that helped somewhat, but when it came time to input investment and business data, TaxSlayer didn't provide quite enough guidance or tax help to ensure I was saving every penny I could. Lacks linear walk-through option. Note, too, that tax services often increase their prices as the deadline draws nearer, and live help systems can get swamped at the end of the tax season. It also includes a free W-2 download, free e-file and continuous email and live chat

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As we evaluated tax programs, we consulted the National Association of Tax Professionals, an association dedicated to providing tax professionals with resources and education, about deductions and tax credits to look out for.

One of the best credits is the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, which can be overlooked if you paid for the care through a flexible spending account. The NATP advises looking for tax credits, which are superior to deductions because they reduce your tax bill dollar for dollar. To find the best tax program we filled out returns using a common scenario.

We looked at how easy it was to fill out a return. Filing your taxes can be frustrating, no matter how complicated they are, so we looked for features that make filing your taxes as smooth as possible. The best programs are easy to navigate, clearly showing you all the steps you need to go through to enter your information.

We liked ones that highlight all the most important places you might want to backtrack to. Many now include the option to import your W-2, a time saving feature that ensures your information is accurate. One of the most crucial things we found was the way each program flags errors. They call it out immediately and have you correct it before moving on. Programs like Jackson Hewitt are lacking in this regard.

They wait till the end to show errors and, even more frustratingly, make you click back through your return without noting what needs to be corrected. For most of these programs, filing your state returns is even easier than the federal return.

The tax software transfers the information you already entered to complete your state return automatically.

Most of the programs we reviewed offer some type of free return. Usually this is for the most basic type of return, a EZ or A. Audit is a scary word, and most of these programs try to upsell you some form of protection. Often these come bundled with identity theft protection or other services. Some audit defense packages include representation from the company, who will gather documents and work with the IRS on your behalf.

It also includes a free W-2 download, free e-file and continuous email and live chat TaxBrain prides itself on being a user-friendly everyman tax filing system. The key features of this site all work to make tax Its most basic package is free to all users and allows e-filing, email and phone support and a deduction finder. However, you are limited to form EZ only. Direct, without questions. User Review of OLT. What I don't know, I can search for at irs.

I do not enjoy answering questions that don't apply to me Miserable User Review of Intuit: I would not ever use it again. Completely satisfied User Review of Intuit: Turbo Tax by Encarnacion Claudio on 28 January This is my third year using turbo tax and I along with my family who use the service are very satisfied. The non stop updates and the easiness of preparation has been calming. I recommend this service to any and

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