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So players can only get to claim rewards through the line pays, when players manage to get 3x matching icons on that payline. Play slot Laser Fruit Slot. The game also has two views that players will pick from at the beginning of the game. Play slot Lucky 7s Slot. So the big question is if Lucky 7 can find an audience in today's more modern slots world.

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In recent years, Betsoft has become one of the iGaming industry's most innovative companies, turning out a number of highly detailed 3D slots. So it's strange to go from playing Betsoft's latest 3D online slots to playing Lucky 7. This 3 reel, one pay line game harkens back to the old days of slot machines, when people would sit with buckets of quarters and play 3 reel slot machines for hours. So the big question is if Lucky 7 can find an audience in today's more modern slots world. Additionally, does this game any offer extra frills that will keep you interested?

You can find out below as we discuss Lucky 7's details, betting options, and how it compares to other classic slots. Lucky 7 doesn't really offer any distinguishing background or theme, instead opting for simple graphics designed to look like a land based slot machine. The graphics certainly don't look bad, but they aren't going to excite you either. One interesting feature, though, is that you can choose either a full view or a close up of the machine. The latter takes you right up to the reels so that you only see the symbols and betting options while the full view includes the pay table.

The symbols in this game are pretty stereotypical since you'll see cherries, 7s, Lucky 7s and single, double and triple BARs. The highest payout comes when you get three 7s in the single pay line, and your jackpot will depend upon how many coins you bet:.

As you can see, there's a progression from the two coin to three coin jackpot, meaning you should bet all three coins if you want to use proper strategy. The second largest payout comes when you get three Lucky 7s in the pay line, and it's quite a drop off from the highest prize. The smallest possible win that you can earn involves getting a single cherry in the center pay line. You'll see this payout quite often and it offers 2 coins, 4 coins, or 6 coins depending upon how many coins you bet. Thanks to the high hit frequency of the cherries, you can expect your bankroll to last quite a while when playing Lucky 7.

Whenever you earn a winning payout, a little sound goes off while your prize flashes up on the pay table. While certainly nothing revolutionary by today's standards, the flashing payouts are helpful as far as classic 3 reel machines go. However, as we discussed before, it's best to play all three coins due to the jackpot progression.

The graphics are pretty standard and there are no animations or a background story. However, this game provides an excellent gaming experience for those who are nostalgic about those good old days when it all came down to pulling the lever and winning or losing. Lucky 7s is a 3-reel video slot with only one payline. The game also has musical sequences characteristic of traditional slot machines and you can hear coins falling into the slots each time you change the coin value.

As soon as the game loads, you are offered a choice between two views. You will either decide to see the whole slot machine, with paytable included, or to use full view and only see the reel and some elementary game options.

In any case, in the bottom part of the screen you will be allowed to choose how many coins you want to wager, as you can stake from 1 to 3 coins across only one payline. To get the reels spinning you can hit the Spin Reel or Max Bet button. Once the reels come to a stop 6 different symbols can form winning combinations.

Cherries, Lucky 7s and 7s represent high-value symbols. Triple, Double and Single Bars are low-paying symbols. As for the other view, the wide view, it changes the view to focus on the reels of the game and the control panel, and hiding the lever and the background behind the slot machine.

The game also comes with a great jackpot payout of coins. Lucky 7 slot offers a classic gaming experience, just like basic fruit machines.

It has 3 reels, a single payline and classic symbols. There are no bonus features or special rounds. Best Free Slots slotadmin. Lucky 7Slots Bonus Rounds The slots free game does not come with any special features or bonus rounds, like any classic slot machine that offers a basic experience. Lucky 7 Games Info Type of Game: Summary Lucky 7 Slot is a 3-reeled slots free game with a single payline. Lucky 7 Lucky 7 slot offers a classic gaming experience, just like basic fruit machines.

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