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Surprisingly, lots of small grocery stores now also accept plastic. Grocery stores and other high-volume shops are an exception to this rule. Life in Lviv is very cheap. The challenge is rather ordering if you don't speak Ukrainian. The club scene in Lviv is thriving; with many options ranging from the cavernous clubs Metro and Millenium to the intimate and upmarket Zanzibar.

There are usually entry charges but drink prices more than make up for this. In most clubs you are able to buy bottles of vodka for a reasonable price and simply chill at a table all evening. L'viv has a variety of hotels, hostels and apartments to suit all budgets and needs. The best deals for budget travellers people are found with the lovely apartments for rent all over town - These can be found online preferably in Russian or on arrival at the train station.

The hostel scene is quite new in L'viv so be sure to check reviews of hostels using well known booking agents and forums. The telephone system has been modified; thus, to dial 6-digit numbers, use the city prefix , but for 7-digit numbers, use only All calls to and from cell phones are treated as long distance calls. Some frequent mobile prefixes are , , , , and You can buy a SIM card or a balance replenishment card at many stores throughout Lviv.

Ukrainian cities are not dangerous, though a bit more precaution is required. Common tricks include impersonating a police officer. In doubt ask an officer or tell him you're not following him. The first thing they try is to get you out of the tourists places in to areas where they can 'acquire' a fine. Openly robbing you happens less as the risks are bigger. However, pick-pocketing is still a thing even in the historical center, so keep an eye on your belongings. It is essential to learn some Ukrainian before visiting, or at the very least, learn the Cyrillic alphabet.

Everyone can also read, speak and write in Russian and aren't so prickly about it, although they'd appreciate that you learn a few basic phrases in Ukrainian as well. Learn the Cyrillic alphabet both the Russian and Ukrainian versions way in advance until you can write words with perfection, as many do not know the Latin alphabet.

German and, especially, Polish as Lviv used to part of Poland is spoken well among people with mature memories of the interwar era. People selling you tickets at the train station will most likely not speak anything other than Ukrainian or Russian and may have no patience nor sympathy for you.

Neither will the people waiting behind you in line. If you speak Polish then surviving in Lviv shouldn't be a problem, as many people understand it since it's quite close to Ukrainian. Some sales people will not know the Latin alphabet, so make sure to carry a small note with your name written in Cyrillic!

Queues in Ukraine tend to be a chaotic mess, especially at stations. Assert your place with an elbow and mean stare, because everyone else will, including the 15 babushki pushing you to the side. Make sure you get in the line for foreigners when you want to buy train tickets.

No, the cashier will not speak English, but if you know the details of the train you want, just write them down! But if you go to a different line they'll just tell you to go to the foreigner's line, and then you will have wasted a lot of time waiting for nothing. This city travel guide to Lviv is a usable article.

It has information on how to get there and on restaurants and hotels. An adventurous person could use this article, but please feel free to improve it by editing the page. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. Tourist office Random page.

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