As such, you can't just trade farm with your opponents, you must take farm away from them , and about executing all fights properly. Then i researched the 3v3 meta more online, and began playing gold funnel pretty much all the time, and its way more fun then normal jungle for the 3v3 map. No, "twisted treeline mains" dont. A lot of people were playing dominion. Why don't we have normal draft in 3v3 at least in euw? But they have no idea how it's supposed to be played.

How League of Legends Works

Types of LoL Wagers

Current settings include the following:. The same holds true for LoL and other eSports, with options limited only by the imagination of the oddsmakers. The most common LoL betting option is the overall winner of a tournament match.

This type of wager can use a moneyline, fractional odds, or a point spread. Future bets are also available, allowing you to predict the winner of an upcoming tournament days or even weeks before it actually takes place. Live betting is a growing trend among sportsbooks, and it also applies to the eSports scene.

This style of betting takes place while a match is underway, allowing you to watch events unfold and place wagers during the heat of battle. In addition to the options listed above, most matches may have anywhere from a dozen to 20 other ways to wager.

Here are some examples:. While the following list is far from exhaustive, it should give you a basic idea of the kinds of details you should be paying attention to. League of Legends betting has grown substantially in recent years, mainly due to the overall popularity of eSports. Funneling comps were tolerable before Now u can just give up bcuz a semi competent funnel comp can and will destroy a standard team.

On 3s you typically start jungle first, then rotate to lane. You might sacrifice about 1 or 2 minions in the first wave to your support for doing this, but after pushing two waves it is the perfect time to go for a second jungle clear while support takes altar. Funnel strat can only really be shut down by consistently disrupting their farming and by stealing jungle camps.

High pressure jungle comps that are able to stall out the enemy hyper's ability to farm can still achieve that, but it's certainly become commonplace to see hypers come back in to the game from behind.

I think that champion picks are the single most important thing when it comes to your ability to combat funnel strat.

Very safe waveclear bot. Thats generally what the second lane is in the TT funnel strat, just something that wouldn't die if jungle pressure is applied to it, or if it was vs a duo lane for some odd reason.

Botlane is typically a control mage with good waveclear Brand, Anivia, Vel'Koz, etc. They push the lane up to apply pressure and draw aggression from enemies, as well as roam to help snowball their hyper. If you're interested in learning about 3v3, I sincerely recommend reading the 3v3 Bible. That mode was bonkers popular.

I recall the queue being very fast for the first couple months but kept getting longer and longer. My friends and I liked it because it was fast to get into and was a short game, and preferred that to waiting on longer queue times for Summoners Rift. But the game hasn't even been out a year when the queue was getting longer that SR so we stopped queueing up. Wouldn't that prove the fact that Riot killed it by ignoring it?

If they continued balancing it the mode wouldn't have slowly died. Just because you didn't play at the time doesn't mean it isn't true. Both dominion and TT had balance changes specifically for their game mode only. And TT got a completely reworked and everything. Despite Riot putting a lot of effort to make these game modes work they were unpopular that's a fact. Why would Riot keep updating game modes that no one wants to play anyways, better to let it die.

If they wanted to push the gamemode, why not add a ranked queue to dominion? More people even played dominion than 3v3 for a period. Enough to have good queue times. Dominion is different enough and compelling in macro that people would love to play it as ranked. Draft's failure was because there is no incentive to play it. They could definitely have done more. If that's too much work, promote a ranked queue. Have content on the main home page.

Every single event is applied to summoners rift. Why couldn't dominion get the same events like Howling abyss. Even minimal rewards or a different rank like flex would incentivize players to play it. Developing the dominion meta would interest even more players to play it. Maybe it wouldn't be seen as no more than a "casual gamemode" then. Because that's all it got reduced to.

TT got a surge in popularity after it's rework. But when you leave things to stagnate then people lose interest. I played a ton of TT whenit got changed, even more than 5s. And for the entirety of dominion I played it more than SR. I think it's pretty unfair to say that they tried hard to push it and people just didn't like it.

A lot of people were playing dominion. That number just slowly died off due to no changes with no new players even trying it so numbers couldn't increase. When I talk to any new players that came after it's release. They always thought the gamemode was a joke and never even tried it once. I know it's not for everyone, but I've had friends begrudgingly try it only to say "wow this is actually pretty fun". If dominion was good people would of played it. It was updated and balanced right on release.

Riot has the numbers and they said it was way too unpopular to support it. It makes no sense at all. You just got to live with the fact it wasn't popular enough. You can't say it was when you don't even know the numbers and Riot does, that's why they made the decision. I read the numbers.

I'm not denying that it wasn't unpopular then. My queue times even at the end were only minutes max. But you're saying it got pushed as a gamemode by riot. Riot didn't change anything besides a couple items since it's creation. That isn't change at all. There were no events. Not in game or promotions. Nothing beyond it's initial release.

Clearly they decided it wasn't worth pushing, but I don't think they did it in the first place as you state. I'm already over the removal of dominion. Would love for it to be back but I just go to HoTS to get any sort of macro gameplay that isn't SR farm 15 minutes before doing literally anything.

Riot didn't change anything because when they did do small changes no one played it. They are not going to waste constant updates hoping maybe it gets a playerbase even though everything so far has not worked out. Like I said Riot has the numbers that's why they removed it. The playerbase was not worth supporting. You can't say it was when you don't even know how large the playerbase was when they were updating it.

You're either being a revisionist or you fell for the Riot PR lines. If SR was given the same treatment that Dominion was given it would be dead too. Let that sink in for a second; They did 4 changes specific to Dominion in the 5 years it existed, and most of those were only a side effect of SR changes , or the one where they added co-op vs AI for Dominion. They never even released the promo for it officially at least not at first , or an event for it.

The video that exists was leaked and finally hosted by riot ages later after release. They promised ranked queue and never delivered. They promised it over and over again, and even claimed it was ready and they just needed to flip a button, they even explained exactly why Ranked was needed to maintain interest! Ranked will not be enabled at launch as we want people to feel out the game and get familiar with the meta. The implementation is complete though, so the intention is to turn it on after the rapid learning cycle is over.

So yeah, making a few minor changes after YEARS of neglect isn't suddenly going to bring the player base back. It died because Riot killed it, not because people didn't want to play it.

Again, if SR was given the same treatment Dominion was given, it would be completely dead too. So is Twisted Treeline. Our original goal was to create rulesets that would result in balanced experiences across all game modes with the same champion stats. Except they basically did balance changes to Those i believe included the champions changed because they were reworked think how Shyvana's passive is today in Aram vs SR.

Riot basically kept making promises for years, then didn't deliver on ANY of them, and you expect the player base to stay healthy? Riot even admitted in their " retiring dominion " post that they didn't support the mode which led to numbers dropping, and that they had been pulling resources off dominion onto SR. Naturally they added a PR twist to it to make it seem like the player base started dropping before they started neglecting it. There's no ifs ands or buts about it.

Dominion was NOT released on all servers and only on a few. So at the time it was killed, 1 million people were playing it across a few servers. I'm just going to go ahead and quote another post in it's entirety since it has links and shit;.

Smite has something like 5 million players 3. Riot is hell set on supporting SR only, Why? They're pulling the Dominion special on TT and will eventually remove it due to low interest Which they'll blame on the playerbase again like they did with Dominion. Remember how Dominion got like Dominion specific updates in the entirety of its existence not counting updates caused by changes in SR affecting Dominion?

Remember how they didn't fix the T1 towers in TT to match SR, and the towers were being destroyed in the first minute after minions spawned? Oh they didn't fix that for a while either. Remember when they forgot to fix wiggle's lantern for TT, so you could actually get wards in a mode that shouldn't have wards? Took forever to fix that too.

So yeah, they're full of shit and honestly at this point, inexcusably lazy. But hey, you'll always find shills and fanboys here, so good luck calling any of this out without being referred to as a salty scrub with "good riddance" to the mode and a bunch of memes and shit.

This Post also has a bunch of details about bugs that have existed for years in TT that riot doesn't bother fixing even when fixed in other modes.

Stop trusting Riot or any company blindly. They have an entire PR team set up to spin things the way they want. Riot killed Dominion pure and simple. It wasn't the lack of playerbase that led to Riot killing it, it was Riot killing it slowly that led to the lack of playerbase.

Seems you know a lot more than me on the subject. I'm of course disappointed that they didn't try to push Dom more. And I understand if they decided it wasn't worth their effort, and solely want to focus on SR and that Dominion would take too much resources.

But to claim that they tried to push it is ridiculous. It's pretty much the whole Wild deal in Hearthstone. Your "Fact" is completely wrong and you obviously didn't play around the time those modes came out. I have been playing since season 1 every season lol. My fact is just what Riot has said since they are the only people who have the data on it's popularity. Riot barely put ANY effort. It's not a secret and it's very VERY well documented see my other response. So you're basically just trusting them blindly?

Even though they broke promises, lied, pushed bullshit people didn't want Dynamic Queue , said shit like "Sandbox mode will increase toxicity I mean you have no other way of determining whether it was popular or not.

So would I rather listen to Riot who has the data or someone on reddit who has nothing and is just upset. So yeah I'll take their word over that lol. Doesn't mean I trust Riot or think they are not misleading or lie sometimes. But it's better then nothing. The truth behind those game modes TT and Dominion is if they keep it like it was, or even if riot would balance it out then SR would lost some portion of players, if this was the case then the leagues bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond would be so underpopulated, there would be really hard to balance matchmaking.

When 3 modes were Active we had elo rating, and when they implemented leagues they thought about that league will rise much in popularity, enough to populate those leagues. And it did but not enough, they wanted to focus on PRO esports so they focused on only 1 specific game mode SR.

In the end they starved dominion to death and then kill it. Now the same thing is happening to TT. I gave up like 6 months ago after playing thousands of twisted treeline. It has very, VERY basic issues, that can be solved easily, but they don't do that.

Let's talk about normal games. Although some think that every player plays ranked games, there actually is a pretty high population who prefer normal games most of the time. Why don't we have normal draft in 3v3 at least in euw?

Blind pick is just so outdated, I would like to ban some champions, especially since they are not balanced around twisted treeline. I don't like how Kayn can get to basically anywhere on the map with e, he can go from nexus to top lane with one e and gank. Jungle and lanes are just so close and it's really efficient to constantly get farms of both, much easier than Summoner's rift. Players with jungle items already get more exp from jungle monsters, so idk why it's so hard to do the opposite.

If you have jungle item, you should get reduced exp from minions. For the non-gold funneling meta, having poro in the bush is really bad for a lot of junglers. Champions like Kayn, Rek'Sai, Zac can easily gank from every angle while others have to walk around already, and when you have a poro in the bush in a map where wards are not allowed, they just become strictly inferior.

Just these 3 changes could make the game so much more fun that I would start playing it again, and I'm in a situation in which I only play league when URF mode is open.

Not to make light of your first point, but the "can be solved easily, but they don't" can be applied to pretty much every game mode other than 5v5 rift. ARAM has had major balance and dodge issues since inception and it's taken till now to get even the smallest thing done to it. And the number of rotating game modes that have pretty much ceased to exist Blackmarket brawlers, hexakill, ect.

On a tangent But i believe related note, the new client being "rebuilt from the ground up" was in part supposed to be a long term decision to make using and altering all these modes easier , meaning more time could be dedicated to all these modes as there was supposed to be less concern that these changes would break the modes. ARAM isn't a competitive mode whatsoever though, whereas 3v3 actually has a ranked ladder.

ARAM is supposed to be a bit unbalanced and whacky. In ARAM you get frustrated one every 5 or so games because the enemy rolled a bunch of op stuff. But TT you stop playing because past a certain skill level, everyone is playing in a way that's boring as hell because it's the most optimal way to win.

The only reason people take ranked more seriously than other modes is exactly what you said, because they "feel" it's more important. Do you actually get anything more out of playing ranked compared to normal, aram, 3's, or bots?

The fact is that every mode is simply what you personally make it out to be. People who troll and feed in a mode like aram are just as bad as people who troll and feed in ranked. No it's because there is a literal ranked ladder. And Riot encourages and literally rewards success. Anything can be competitive to YOU it doesn't make something inherently a competitive game mode. The fact that it's a PvP 5v5 game mode makes it inherently competitive lol.

What is the difference between winning ranked games, normals, and arams? Is there some higher tiered loot you get from ranked? Do you get paid for winning ranked games? If you're suggesting that there's more value and competitiveness to a ranked game, then you need to prove how and why.

Otherwise, literally just read your own words. Just because something is competitive to YOU doesn't make it an inherently competitive mode, right? You can get free skins from events and any other game mode. I have a smurf account that is level 10 and has 4 free skins. Just because there's not a ladder doesn't mean it isn't competitive. If they play it competitively, if there are tournaments, if there are people competing with others then it is by definition competitive.

I guess you literally don't know the meaning of competitive. Keep your hands over your ears, then. Even if everything is random you can show that you are better at it than others by being more consistent. It isn't actually all random - you still have to play the champion you roll well.

There's a lot of competitive card games out there and the order in which you draw cards is random but they still have tournaments and ranking ladders and stuff. I feel good examples are things like poker and blackjack where luck is big in terms of the card draws and such, but what you can do with what you're given is where people shine among other things. That's 42 or more champs you should learn to play somewhat well.

The increased randomness makes it more balanced. The ability to make the best out of the worst comps is a skill to be tested against the skills of others. Hey, not everyone likes the randomness.

Others see it as a test of skill, where being able to play more champions effectively in any matchup means you're more skilled. The long draft picks are in the past. It used to be the bans that made it so long. Now that the ban phase is simultaneous, it's pretty similar to blind pick, given that each champ selection also is fast, while you have 90 seconds in blind pick.

The difference in time is quite negligible, given that your roles are also predetermined and you don't have to discuss over it as well. People try to dismiss a lot of suggestion just because the lack of population, while these problems are the reason the population is this low. Same here, I only play league now when URF is here.

Because the game just sucks now. Riot ruined the meta too much for SR and TT is unplayable because of this stupid gold funneling meta. Aram gets really boring after a bit so does URF but at least urf is more fast paced. I mean, it's different, but the SR version that's come into play the past couple months is light years closer to it than anything tried on SR before.

I'm sure they've got plans for a Dominion-level balance change to Twisted Treeline. For two major reasons:. As a top laner, you are getting camped much more than Hashinshin could ever be camped in his worst nightmares. The enemy jungler is always nearby, so whenever you try to push an advantage you'd have, suddenly, you end up in a 1v2.

As a jungler, you spend so much time You only have three camps in your own jungle, and if you don't have lane priorities, you can't invade either. Playing a jungler just felt horrible to me. I'm a top lane main, and I was a top lane main in 3v3 when I got back to it when they introduced the flex queue on that mode in pre-season 7. So in 3v3, I was mostly playing top. I had never played in a duo lane com, be it as the support or as the hypercarry. Eventually, I had to try it because someone in my team would want to go hyper, or support.

And I liked it much, much more than the solo lanes. The weird thing is that lots of people think that the hypercarry meta is non-interactive.

That's because most people who play it are only playing it because they know it's the better strat. But they have no idea how it's supposed to be played. A hypercarry comp is not about farming the lane, farming the jungle, rinse and repeat and nothing else. A hypercarry comp is about pushing your lane, getting lane priority , and invading the enemy jungle as much as you can. Sure, you can stick to just farming your lane and farming the jungle, letting the enemy duo lane do more or less the same.

If you're fine with having the game be more or less of a coinflip decided by:. Sure, it is one way to climb as long as you don't do too many mistakes. But eventually you'll be stuck, because you'll be facing competent opponents who do know what hypercarry comps are about. Hypercarry comps give a lot more room to action and to interaction than solo lanes comp, when the latter forces the solo lanes into being passive most of the time due to the constant presence of a jungler nearby.

The hypercarry meta is about constantly having a good map awareness from both sides of the map the bot laner can't not posture aggressively when having the lane priority, the bot laner can't not react when the duo lane is going for fights, the duo lane can't go for invades or deep fights when the bot laner is getting pushed in or backing , about denying to create a gold advantage as a hypercarry, your priority is not increasing your gold but increasing your gold differential.

As such, you can't just trade farm with your opponents, you must take farm away from them , and about executing all fights properly. Because you have fights all the time once again, when you know how the hypercarry meta works , and as they're teamfights, you need to apply all of the teamfight mechanics all the time. Whom to focus, how to avoid damage, how much you can deal or take, whom you can reach, what your team is going to do - and that's about the macro-esque aspect, because beyond that, you still have the abilities to land and to dodge, the range at which to keep yourself, the direction in which you should move inbetween your spells and attacks And lastly, there's the draft.

It's also important to know what counters what for example: But the drafting isn't just about getting counter picks. It's about finding your win conditions relative to that of the opponents, and your powerspikes. When you can fight, how, and which areas you must focus on. The hypercarry meta is much more complicated than what meets the eye, and most people don't know that because they can't force themselves to play to their limits.

They play way too conservatively, and because of that they make the game rather boring, and only use their team comp to a fraction of its strength. Hypercarry comps have a vastly different dynamic in high elo, and are way more aggressive and interesting. Exactly this, i made a climb to master in 3v3 playing solo. Would play Yi Nocturne Shaco or whatever i was decently good at while climbing, would eventually get alot of people in my games telling me to go hyper gold funneling strat..

Then i researched the 3v3 meta more online, and began playing gold funnel pretty much all the time, and its way more fun then normal jungle for the 3v3 map. As there is only 3 camps, if enemy jungler has cleared their jungle side, and each lane is 50 50 pushed.

Only thing you can do most of the time is either try too see if you have an opening to fight the enemy jungler, usually its not a good idea. And often you will get jungle fights, and have early 2v2's 2v3's 3v3's.

Solo Top - Solo jungle and apc bot, will just wait for altar timers, jungle spawn, constant shove lane. It's sad that I got downvoted to oblivion for trying to make the same point. Hopefully somebody reads this. They act and talk like their approaches to game design and balance are so careful and finely crafted.

I've played since before S1 started but after beta quit playing entirely around two years ago, sticking around to watch LCS. And as a person with enough time to still dedicate some amount of my week towards League, I'm wondering why I give league anything at all. Seeing the way Riot talks about handling changes vs. At this point, the only conclusion I can come to is that Riot really have no idea how their game works at a deep level, and where they want the game to go.

To relate this to TT. They won't change this because they simply don't know how to change it. I also think people expect bigger changes when they read direction and then they see a small change in the patch notes. Theory and Application don't need to be so vastly different, it's a problem with how Riot's compartmentalized their teams that creates this huge rift.

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