Best Math Games, Websites, and Apps for Kids

Math games that tackle more than 1, crucial math skills in a fun and engaging way. Engaging math games span preschool through early elementary. Have you tried http: Students explore place value up to the trillions. Personalized math curriculum that includes digital lessons and small-group instruction. Represent and interpret data.


Early math presented in varied and interesting ways. LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Moose Math - by Duck Duck Moose. Early math games cover broad skill range in a fun setting. Early math concepts taught in a fun, interactive way. Brought to you by the letter "F" -- for fun. Math-based adventures well-suited to preschoolers. Preschool Math Cooking Game. Wild recipes add up to math fun, with hybrid toys or not.

Animated educational content for kids to explore, for a fee. Bugs and Buttons 2. On-target intro to critical thinking, math, and prereading. Dexteria Dots - Get in Touch with Math. Fun, engaging math game great for wide range of abilities. Kids learn concepts of algebra in stellar game app. Online math game adjusts in difficulty as you play. Simple and fun picnic prep reinforces math skills. Love to Count by Pirate Trio.

Helps young kids understand why math skills are important. Younger kids' version of great math app holds its own. Monkey Math School Sunshine. Early math game uses earning aquarium fish as incentive. Math concept work with clear instruction and fun rewards. Amazing starter geometry app is fun and comprehensive. Great bundle of fun math games; parents see kids' progress. Number Line, by the Math Learning Center. Visual tool to solve math equations best with background.

Rich village simulation teaches core-standards math. Great daily practice for a range of abilities. Smartick - Math for Children. Super, subscription-based adaptive math practice. Twelve a Dozen - all access. Heroine saves the day with math in lovely, fun platformer.

Solid, slow-paced game best for brief practice. Hours of shape and puzzle fun with a PBS Kids favorite. Clever math resource-management game requires some patience. Duel 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade Math Games for Kids.

Practice skills in fast-paced, fun, multiplayer game. Plug into number sense, estimation skills, fluency. A Game of Numbers. Learn multiplication along the way. The Land of Venn - Numeric Storms. Practice addition facts in wacky world of frenetic fun. Fun concept building takes drama out of multiplication. Monsters dance their way through kids' math practice. Wonderfully well-rounded virtual tutor; audio may distract.

Capture blobs and problem-solve in fun, leveled games. Helpful app gives all kids tools to complete math problems. Pet Bingo - by Duck Duck Moose. Lively math and solid strategies from addition to division. Fantasy game helps kids become math wizards. Math swings into action with help from jungle creatures. Absorbing addition puzzle game ramps up challenge fast.

The Princess of Sundara. Edutainment game makes doing 2nd grade math fun. Exciting-yet-educational games in safe, social world. Systematic, adaptable, fun math practice. Well-rounded app helps kids master multiplication. Great math practice with fun story, entertaining characters. Fantastic math site engages kids through problem solving.

Superheroes defeat villains in original, creative math app. Timed problem sets make arithmetic a fun sport. Fun games, friendly guides help kids build math fluency. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Great customization options in math-practice app. Well-rounded, engaging math tool is a real gem. Families compete for "weightiest" brain. Thinking games become a party activity on the Wii. Body and Brain Connection. This article can show parents how to teach their 3rd and 4th grade students the mathematics skill they need to excel.

Imagine a math teaching tool so effective that it need only be employed twice per week for less than an hour to result in huge proficiency gains. Choosing a 4th Grade Math Book Curriculum Alignment One of the most important considerations in choosing a 4th grade math book for your child is the curriculum it's aligned to. Publication Date You may be able to find very affordable or even free math textbooks, but be cautious.

Teaching Resources If you're not trained in instruction and assessment methods, it's especially important to select a text that's self-contained, meaning that it provides everything you need to teach a topic to your child. Did you find this useful? If so, please let others know! Online and in-center tutoring One on one tutoring Every Huntington tutor is certified and trained extensively on the most effective teaching methods.

K12 What K12 offers: Online tutoring Has a strong and effective partnership with public and private schools AdvancED-accredited corporation meeting the highest standards of educational management.

Kaplan Kids What Kaplan Kids offers: Kumon What Kumon offers: In-center tutoring Individualized programs for your child Helps your child develop the skills and study habits needed to improve their academic performance. Sylvan Learning What Sylvan Learning offers: Online and in-center tutoring Sylvan tutors are certified teachers who provide personalized instruction Regular assessment and progress reports.

Tutor Doctor What Tutor Doctor offers: In-Home tutoring One on one attention by the tutor Develops personlized programs by working with your child's existing homework. TutorVista What TutorVista offers: Online tutoring Student works one-on-one with a professional tutor Using the virtual whiteboard workspace to share problems, solutions and explanations. Learning Tools Make learning fun with these online games!

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