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Funky Chicken Funky Chicken is one of the most popular five reel video slots at Liberty Slots, because, hey, everybody loves chicken, right? Cool Bananas Cool Bananas: Start the Adventure The Spin button is located in the center of a playing screen. Football Star Microgaming 5 Reel Video Slots - Preview Image Loaded with thrilling non-stop football action, Football Star slot will make you feel like you are right there at the stadium for the big game even as you spin the reels in the online casino. Winning symbols explode with Rolling Reels.

It Was Only a Matter of Time: 5 Reel Slots Expand the Game

What Makes High 5 Games’ Slots Different?

Some might assume that 5 reel slot machines first entered the wagering-game scene after their well-known 3 reel predecessors, the Liberty Bell and the Operator Bell , but the opposite is true; the very first wagering machine based on spinning reels, matching symbols and pay lines was actually a five reel machine. In , Sittman and Pitt developed the grandfather of all slot machines, a coin-operated poker machine that featured the images of 50 playing cards on five spinning drums.

Players inserted their nickels, pulled the lever and collected prizes like beers and cigars if they were lucky enough to line up a good poker hand when the spinning cards stopped. There was no automatic prize payout mechanism; the technology did not yet exist that would allow configuration of a payout table for all of the possible winning combinations that could be made from 50 symbols.

In order for slots technology to advance, Charles Fey reduced the number of reels on his machines to a more manageable three, and he made no immediate further effort to develop a five reel machine.

Instead, 3 reels slots became king of the early slots era. It is ironic that the very reason that first kept five reel slots development from advancing is largely responsible for the popularity of these machines today: Unlike 3 reels machines which have a limited number of total combinations and lower jackpot capabilities, most 5 reels slots have seemingly endless possible winning combinations and feature large, enticing jackpots.

Charles Fey's original Liberty Bell slot machine with its three mechanical reels containing 10 symbols each was mathematically capable of hitting only total symbol combinations. As the likelihood of a jackpot being hit is high when the number of possible combinations that can be hit is small, it was risky business for casinos to offer large payouts for winning combinations on these machines. Reel sizes and the number of symbols on them eventually doubled, but even the 10, or so combinations possible with more symbols is still small by modern standards.

Jackpots remained small; the only player interaction with the game involved depositing coins and pulling a lever. Over time, the game was becoming boring. Play slot More Fresh Fruits. Play slot God Of Wild Sea. Play slot Egyptian Rebirth. Play slot Imperial Opera. Play slot Knights Of Gold. Play slot Very Big Goats. Play slot Legend Of Qu Yuan. Play slot Golden Dynasty. Play slot Snowing Luck. Play slot Demi Gods II. Play slot Precious Treasures. Play slot Lucky Lands.

Play slot Terracota Wilds. Play slot Cyrus The Virus. Play slot Slotomon Go. Play slot Fantasy Park. Play slot Wealth Of The Monkey. Play slot Hawaii Cocktails.

Play slot Lucky Miners. Play slot Finn and Swirly. Play slot Divine Ways. When it comes to playing slots, there is a greater level of choice than ever before. It used to be that 3 reel slots were all the rage but with computer technology being what it is, there is a genuine opportunity to enjoy 5 reel slots and so much more.

In fact, with the emergence of online slots and video gaming, some of the 5 reel slot opportunities are looking almost antiquated compared to the modern models. They remain great fun though and a large favourite with casino players. Of all the available options for slots fans these days, it seems as though the 5 reel option is the most popular.

The 9 or above reel options can be a hectic while the 3 reel slot option may not provide as many opportunities to be a winner as a player would hope for. In this instance, the 5 reel slots are perfect for meeting the needs of players. This is why they are so popular and why so many different software developers are keen to produce slot games. There are plenty of great software developers to choose from but when it comes to 5 reel slot games; there are some that manage to stand out from the crowd.

The consistency shown by some of the top names allows for players to choose a particular site or game with a greater level of confidence. The RTG name is one of the most loved and respected when it comes to online casino games and the range of slots has a lot to do with this.

The firm has a great range of classic slots but it is the 5 reel slot options, often with bonus and progressive jackpot elements, that players really enjoy.

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