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The highest award possible or the final hand is automatically awarded and the bonus ends. This is quite an entertaining and intense slots offering from IGT. An additional bonus prize of the total bet on each free spin times the multiplier is awarded in each free spin. Dolly soon moved in the direction of mainstream pop music and Here You Come Again — her single — gained a lot of success on pop as well as country charts. This jackpot, like all other progressives, is triggered at random, though you can increase your chances if you place the maximum wager on the paylines. It is essentially a penny slots game, meaning that con denomination for spinning the reels is a penny.

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Dolly Parton Slots’ Catchy Features

An interactive style in terms of the jukebox offers players with an amazing experience similar to that of enjoying a live performance. Moreover, the bonus features and Dolly cheering players on when the game is in action makes for an exhilarating time at the slot machine.

Lovers of country music are in for a ball when they take to this fantastic slot machine. The developers at Bally Technologies have launched this slot game in an elementary theme along with two distinctive vibrant themes.

Both themes offer high quality entertainment, similar to the manner in which the singer treats her fans to a rollicking time at her concerts. There are several bonus features in this slot game, and each one is as entertaining as it is lucrative. The smallest denomination you can wager is one penny , making it an ideal game for people who like to exercise a low gambling budget , as well as those who just want in on the unique experience that the game has to offer.

However, the best part of the game has got to be Dolly, who talks to you when you play the game. This great slot machine comes with five reels and 30 paylines. The maximum credit limits are different based on the theme you choose. A maximum of credits can be wagered on the Dolly Parton slot machines, while a maximum of credits can be bet on the other two themes — Nine to Five and Two Doors Down.

The symbols that appear in the Dolly Parton slot game are highly reminiscent of the country star. The intriguing LED display in addition to cutting-edge technology add an immeasurable amount of energy to the casino floors, so much so that you are guaranteed to have a great time every single time you play the Dolly Parton slots.

The symbols present in this reinvigorating slots game include the singer herself, a guitar, her shiny pink shoes, ruby studded earrings, grand piano, microphone, VIP tour card, sparkling butterfly and many others that closely resemble stuff related to Dolly. There are two unique bonus rounds in Dolly Parton slots. You must accumulate stacked multipliers on the centre reel in your efforts to activate this bonus round. The middle reel keeps rocking up and down as it is loaded with several multipliers.

The outer reels, on the other hand, deliver responses to the attractive tune of the track. All the four progressives are displayed on a crisp and clear top box as discussed above that comes with vivid color cycling which becomes more dynamic during the bonus rounds. The game includes multi-media signage that is in sync with the bonus rounds, such as the additional lights that go off when the bonus events are triggered.

The game package includes the distinctive seat backs associated with Fort Knox slots. This game is available in two formats: It is essentially a penny slots game, meaning that con denomination for spinning the reels is a penny. No matter what game you are playing you are bound to get immersed in the game play. In the 25 paylines version, you can wager 20 coins on each payline, thus totaling coins.

Same goes for the 30 paylines version. The Fort Knox Mystery Progressive is the most popular among the different progressives offered in this game. This jackpot, like all other progressives, is triggered at random, though you can increase your chances if you place the maximum wager on the paylines. The top box includes an interesting concept, called as the Trigger Zone.

This is randomly triggered, and offers guaranteed payout if you play the rounds. Another feature called quick hit also offers high frequency in case there are multiple players on the same bank as you. The top box events include four levels: Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The trigger is activated in these rounds by closely following the performance on the screen.

The Copper bonus is guaranteed if you are lucky enough to enter the progressive jackpot rounds. A ringing bell signals your entry into Fort Knox and the multi-media signage is in sync with the bonus events. The progressive rounds encourage the high rollers to bet high amounts , and are essentially linked with some of the strongest and most popular themes from IGT. All in all, the Fort Knox progressive slots from IGT offers quite a punch for all players, and if you are playing this on your lucky day you are bound to be laughing your way to the bank.

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