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Well now, all those viruses are removed, and my laptop is still skipping and freezing when I play DVDs.. Linking to you on Is America Burning. Franz Stangl, the commander of the Treblinka concentration camp explained that dehumanization was necessary to expedite the extermination process. It's the little changes that make the biggest changes. January 13, at 6:

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This was precisely how Native American Indians were defeated and how blacks were enslaved and excluded. But first, to address your post, I have to respectfully disagree. American Indians, blacks, etc. I too am a Vietnam vet, and I noticed the term "gook" didn't diminish the fighting skills of the enemy in the least, so I fail to see how any physical results can occur from applied words, be they good, bad, or horrible.

I can call you insert your worst hated food all day and night long. I can shout it from the mountain tops. You still have not been oppressed or defeated in any manner, unless you choose to let it be so, because you agree the words are valid. The old sticks and stones thing. The real problem imo, lies in the thought processes that invented those words, and why! Finally, the Political Correctness crowd has tried word elimination for years - and it's done nothing at all except drive whatever problem the word is associated with, "underground" in our minds.

Out of sight - problem fixed. Only the problem isn't fixed. It is just hidden where it can do more damage covertly. Word elimination does nothing but hide the thought processes that invented the word, with each word that is judged "bad.

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Friday, June 08, Weapons of War: The first step in defeating the Japanese was to dehumanize them as a people and to depict them in archetypical racist terms as inferior, subhuman, apes, "savages", and "barbarians". Standard archetypes or exemplars or avatars of propaganda were utilized to dehumanize and stereotype the enemy. The Japanese were denoted as animals, reptiles, insects, as "yellow monkeys", baboons, gorillas, dogs, mice, rats, vipers, rattlesnakes, cockroaches, and vermin.

Depicting the enemy as an animal lessens the amount of guilt when the enemy is killed. In Nazi Germany, for instance, Jews were depicted as lice or rats to expedite mass extermination. Franz Stangl, the commander of the Treblinka concentration camp explained that dehumanization was necessary to expedite the extermination process. Savich , The Archetypes of Propaganda: Us and Them from War, Journalism, and Propaganda.

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