There are two cards to choose from. Azalea Town Trainer Card Role: If you want a Pokemon, make sure you have space in your party, if you want a TM make sure you have a Pokemon you don't mind cloning. Though, all three are awesome. And I just remembered that you have to watch the credits after beating the league, which adds additional minutes, right? It would be much simpler to sit in front of one of the slot machines and something heavy on a turbo-A button.

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Where is the magnet train station in goldenrod city? The magnet train station is a brown building with a train on it and is next to the goldenrod city radio tower.

If that doesn't help than from the pokecenter take 1 step south, … 5 steps east, 18 steps north, 9 steps west, 2 steps north and you'll be right at the door. Where is the radio station in goldenrod? It's on the second to last street going up, second building on the left. How do you get passed the guard in the goldenrod city station?

Where is radio show in goldenrod city? How do you get in radio tower in goldenrod city? Go to Goldenrod city and then go up to where the last of the buildings are and then go left and it should be one of those buildings. Where do you get the radio in the goldenrod radio station in Pokemon Heartgold DS? Go into Goldenrod radio station, talk to the lady at the counter.

So thanks to you, Red, I just went out and bought Emerald. Is there any good reason not to take the fire starter? We're not invading Kanto, are we?

You can't buy a Berry at a mart. Does HM01 contain Flash? He was not very good. I Question 5 posted: Now I gots me some tuuuuuunes! Well you're way back here in the corner. Darn skippy I can! This city is great! But at what cost? I feel lied too. That tree's a pervert. There are still Gymleader Spots open You can choose any type and town that isn't taken in that region. Thu Apr 24, 9: Thu Apr 10, Wed Feb 05, 3: Wed Jan 08, 1: Tue Dec 24, 1: So I found a flash game of a slot machine it looks nice its fun to play and it's loose like in the games what do you think about this game Goldenrod Slot machines and here are the payouts we could change the numbers if anybody wants, or we could keep it the same.

Also you would post your Big Pay Outs here mainly for verification but you could also use it to brag. Since you start out with like coins we could say that the G.

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