An international team of researchers affiliated with UNIST has presented an innovative wearable technology that turns the user's skin into a loudspeaker. If it isn't listed, inquire how to set up a business listing. If no sponsor operates a local competing business, then the caller hears no advertisement at all. For a fee, you can upgrade your listing to include a video profile, premium placement, an enhanced search program and a website. New technological developments by UNIST researchers promise to significantly boost the performance of lithium metal batteries in promising research for the next-generation of rechargeable batteries. Google just might take over the world.

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Although it's been out for some time now, I thought I'd tell you about GOOG just in case you haven't heard about it by now. It's a Google service that has proved to be extremely useful and a real money-saver when I'm using the phone. But when I actually began using it, I realized that it's so much more.

Basically, GOOG lets me find the phone number to almost any kind of business and then connects me to that business free of charge. GOOG is operated completely by your spoken commands. Now before you go off thinking that this is just another voice-recognition service, this is one that you will really use, and you'll use it a lot.

And let me remind you again that unlike the phone company's service, GOOG is completely free. I can't completely confirm this, but I suspect it's a free service because it doesn't require live people at the other end. It will hear what you have to say, act upon your request, find the number and connect you.

And it does all of that with an almost supernatural degree of accuracy. Here's how it works. Let's say you are looking for a restaurant in your area. You just dial GOOG, and it will ask you to say the business name followed by the city and state. Assuming you're in the mood for a pizza in Asheville, N. It works either way, and GOOG will prompt you with different helpful options each time after you speak.

Or it might ask, "What business name or category? I selected Mellow Mushroom. It confirmed my selection and said, "I'll connect you. Of course, your telephone company may apply other charges for making a phone call, so you may want to check on that little detail. For me, it gave Mellow Mushroom's address and phone number, then offered to connect me. Call your local telephone carrier and confirm whether your business number is listed in their directory assistance as the policy can vary for different carriers.

If it isn't listed, inquire how to set up a business listing. Most likely, they'll recommend setting up a remote call forwarding under your business name. There will be charges involved, but considering the volume of people using , that cost may be worth it. One service to try is List Yourself! This service connects you with 5, directory assistance listings for free.

You can also set up a listing through Verizon, even if you are not a Verizon customer, by using their online listing platform. You can also get a free business phone number listing to yellowpages. Despite the charges, U. Users who call the toll-free number FREE or can navigate a nifty automated voice recognition system that asks for a location city and state , type of listing business, government, or residential , and name. Once the service has located an entry for the requested number, it reads the information aloud and offers the caller the option of connecting to the number by pressing a single number on his telephone keypad.

How can Free afford to offer free directory assistance service? It works sort of like commercial radio or television — businesses pay to sponsor it in exchange for presenting their advertisements to customers. The funding of Free is typically explained thusly:. The service is made possible by thousands of national and local businesses who sponsor this service with brief valuable audio advertisements that are played to callers who request businesses in their yellow pages category.

This advertising model allows businesses to acquire new customers over the phone, cost effectively, with little or no risk.

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