The 6 Card Bonus is an optional side bet that has been recently added to our Three Card Poker tables. You are simply wagering on whether or not your three card hand as a pair or better in it. If he doesn't, the Player's Ante bet pays even money and his Play bet is returned. So if you didn't fold your hand and the dealer has a non-qualifying hand under Queen high you'll get your play bet back and win an equivalent ante bet. I certify that I am 18 years of age or older and eligible to receive offers from Winstar World Casino and Resort. This bonus is paid out from a separate pay-table. MasterCard MasterCard is a payment option which certainly nee

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Could life get any better? Try it out now and enjoy. If you have any issue with this game please write us to info vegasslotsonline. Please be as much descriptive as possible and include details such as Browser type Chrome, Firefox, Webb had a vision for the game that combined the speed of regular casino games with the excitement that poker elicited.

It was important for him to get threee factors correct for the game to be successful: The game started out as a licensed casino game that fast became so popular among casino players that some casinos began offering it under a different name to avoid paying the royalties.

So, if you run into either of the aforementioned names, just know the optimal playing strategy is more or less the same, and the rules are similar across the board. Three Card Poker is played with a single card deck and is actually two games in one.

First, the Pair Plus game allows players to wager on whether they will be dealt a Pair or better, or not. Some casinos will allow you to bet on either game, while others require that you place an ante bet before you place a bet on the Pair Plus portion of the game. There are three circles on the table per each participating player. The Pair Plus is the top circle where you can place bets for the Pair Plus game.

Below it are two more circles for the base game, one labeled "Ante" and another labeled "Play. The dealer will give each participating player a three-card hand after all players have placed their wagers. Play will start with the player seated at the left most corner of the dealer and will continue clockwise around the table. Both the dealer and the players are dealt three cards each. If a player has placed a bet on the Ante, after viewing his hand, can decide to fold or play on. If he's not happy with his hand, he can decide to fold and lose his Ante wager.

However, if he chooses to continue, he must place an additional bet, equivalent to the Ante wager on the Play circle. Below we delve into how to play 3-card poker to teach you the ropes. Have a read through to get to know the rules. Why Play 3-Card Poker: If you're familiar with the standard poker hand rankings this will come very easily to you but there is one small change to take note of: Because getting dealt a three-card straight is actually rarer than getting a flush in 3-Card Poker, a straight is the higher ranked hand.

Both can be played simultaneously, in fact, and different amounts can be bet for each one as you see fit. Action starts with all players placing a bet in the "ante" betting circle. This is the main bet you are making against the dealer and his hand. You can then also choose to place a bet in the "pair plus" as well. This bet is independent of whatever outcome your hand has against the dealer. This bet is simply saying you are hoping to be dealt a premium hand a pair or better and will be paid out according to a payout chart depending on how "premium" your hand is see the payout chart below.

Once all players at the table have made their ante bets and their pair plus bet, if they so choose , the deal begins. Players and the dealer each get three cards, face down, from a standard card deck. Watch the video below for a quick run-through of your basic bets and how to play standard 3-Card Poker:.

This means that you're continuing on against the dealer and will reveal your hand to see if you've beaten his or not and get paid accordingly.

If the Dealer has a Queen high or better, his hand is in play. If the dealer does not have a qualifying hand, the payouts are:. So if you didn't fold your hand and the dealer has a non-qualifying hand under Queen high you'll get your play bet back and win an equivalent ante bet. Many players like to play "blind" -- meaning to play every hand regardless of their holdings.

It's decidedly better to stick to the Q64 rule which is to only play hands that have a Queen, 6 and 4 or higher. An additional feature you get to take advantage of in 3-Card poker is the Ante Bonus, which is paid on the Ante wager for hands that rank as a straight or better.

The Ante Bonus is paid out regardless of whether the dealer's hand qualifies and regardless of whether the dealer or the player has the best hand. Three 5s for instance, would be a three of a kind. With a straight flush, the player has basically got all three of their cards in sequence and in the same suit. Obviously, due to the number of cards that are used in Three Card Poker, hands such as a two pair, a full house, a four of a kind and a royal flush are omitted from gameplay, as they are impossible to obtain.

Three Card Poker is played against the dealer. In order to begin playing Three Card Poker, the player must first place an Ante bet that is at least equal to the table minimum. The dealer will then give the player three cards and themselves three cards. The player must choose to either fold or raise their Ante bet. If they fold, they lose their bet.

If they raise, they must make an additional bet known as a Play bet , equal to the original Ante bet. After this, the dealer will then turn over his cards.

In order to qualify, the dealer will need to have a Queen High or better. If the dealer does get an Queen High or better and qualify, the two hands go head-to-head. Whomever has the highest ranking poker hand, wins. If it is the player who wins, they will win even money on both the Ante and Play bet.

If the dealer wins, the player loses both their Ante and Play bets. If the result of the match is a tie, the bets will push.

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