Well at least the music was solid. It can be as full-blown execution of any of the games and quick instructions on how to go through one time or another. How do you get the map? It was very simple and straightforward. Why the heck is my video on here.


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BoomBox Community Create a post. Game crash, crashes, gives a dozen different errors, slows down, lag, or do not want to run, nevertheless, hangs in processes and eats memory. For such difficulties, of course, there is a solution, and people create videos, which clearly show how to solve the resulting problem. The format of the video several times better than text, as here You see the result and you easier to navigate.

In Addition to the games problems here you can also find short videos with trailers of future, not yet released for sale. They can be in different stages of development, but they already have promotional trailers that begin to sell the product. In this short five minute video You can hardly understand what to expect from a particular toy.

However, after watching a few gameplay trailers, You may want to see her better, and will wait for the date of its release by biting elbows from impatience. And the last thing least likely interesting to the ordinary gamer so this info about the actual game studios. There may be interesting details from the creators of the video game and incriminating materials.

In any case, for the person who doesn't care about the game, this category will definitely be interesting, useful and informative. Author — DJ dolban. Author — ahaha ahaha. Author — Frempel AMV. Author — Stas Krivousov. Author — Nika Manukian. Author — Dr Hard.

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