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As to SLC's 'win' assertion, remember, this is a skill-based gambling game; your chance to win your bet is influenced by your skill, but does not guarantee you'll win your bet! Is there a timer on the game, increase in difficulty or is this expected to be a high wager game? I'd love to answer any questions you have. Seems like a good balance between slots button pushing and blackjack work. Here is some video of game play.

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Bonus-7 Description

Also, for the gambling market, our average game times are necessarily shorter, meaning we only give you 1 ball to launch, then a second free add-a-ball when the first one leaves the bumpers. We're still working on it. I want you expert players to watch and comment on this video and please either excuse or ridicule my misrepresentation of 'flipper passes'.

We paid very close attention to the details of real pinball tables, measuring flipper size, positioning, and physics to get the best-feeling simulation ever! Too bad The Riviera is no more.. Some interesting stuff there Fact is that with most modern games, tap passes don't really work due to the digital nature of solid state flipper design. Physics do look a lot better overall than Pinball Arcade I know The way that we process inputs allows us to see an amazing amount of detail on the inputs.

Typically bounce-data from switches are just thrown in the garbage. But when I have sub-nanosecond accuracy for each bounce on and bounce off event all that happen in a couple of milliseconds, there is a tremendous amount of "information" about exactly HOW the button was pressed that could be used even further than what we are doing right now if we, like the old-school analog hardware, we applied force according to the unbounced switch data. Right now, the frequency of the buttons as applied to physics has a maximum frequency of Hz.

The main reason I do things this way is actually to compress the amount of data used so that it makes playing back of game performances more compact with less data. The first millisecond of the physics simulation applies a variable amount of force to the flipper according to what fraction of one millisecond the button was held for that frame and similarly for release, even though it matters less.

But I could go a step further and actually use the percentage of time the button was held versus off during the time that the button is bouncing which could enable some more moves and maybe help with these specific moves. But you're correct in suggesting that our model follows a more modern solid-state model for flippers. Getting a 1ms debounced hold time can be done with our game, but it's a lot trickier in real-time, yes.

These areas of "feel" are areas where we wish to continue to push further. That looks really solid physics wise. Any plans to allow for games to be made for pc cabinets using this engine just for fun? The following is a link specifically for pinsiders to use for free passes to the show!

If you can memorize the link, you can sign up as many people as you want. Go ahead and register even if you only have a 1 in 10 chance of going to the show as there is no cost or penalty for no show. I live in Vegas and love pinball. Now I can put a wager on my skills.

Cant wait to try it! Thank you for the invite. If skill is a factor, why would a Vegas casino put this in and risk having a Keith Elwin or somebody show up and break the bank on them?

An above-average Score percentile will result in an above-average probability of winning, but only if there have been sufficient below-average scores in the Database to balance this award. So as I understand it, the machine's not going to pay out any more in aggregate than a similar non-skill-based machine would, but rather when it does pay out it's going to pay the better players more or more often and pay the shitty players less or less often.

I love seeing people actually figuring out how the game works instead of arguing with us about it which is much more common. We absolutely want skilled pinball players to come and give us their feedback. We love it when people get this stuff. Having an advantage due to something other than math is completely unprecedented, and we're pretty excited to be one of the first if not the first in line to deliver AP from hand-to-eye coordination legally in a way that the casino is not worried about at all.

I completely missed this thread until now. The physics are very impressive. The best I've seen by far. Hopefully, the product isn't dead in the water. I see they haven't updated the Vegas Facebook page in over six months. Nevada gaming control board labs as well as GLI need to approve these machines.

Then New Jersey, Mississippi and Michigan. Dead Twitter account, no website updates since Unfortunately it doesn't look like us riff raff will get to play this one soon Looked like a cool idea Unfortunately this project is dead.

However, I was able to acquire one of the 2? If you would like more photos of it or other information, I will try to help you out. Is it fully playable? Love to see some video if you can. I understand it's the best pinball simulation of all time. The second ball is launched when the first ball leaves the pop bumper area for the first time. As you play farther, there is a 3 ball multi ball as well.

I have yet to figure out what causes that to happen. There is only 1 ball per game. By that I mean, you only get to plunge 1 ball. As far as I can tell so far, there is not even an "extra ball". There is no nudging. Not sure if it was planed for in the future because the hardware is there for it. There are now skill slot pinball themed gambling machines in Vegas. I saw them there in April of this year. Google or youtube "Cleopatra pinball" and you should find it. Basically if the bonus symbols come up you get to play pinball on the large vertical screen.

It is "skill" as in if you don't try the ball will just drain on you, but the longer you play the faster and harder it gets. Eventually to the point the ball moves so fast you just can't control it and lose. If anyone knows of any of these things, or similar, for sale please let me know. Here's a little brochure for the game the team put together: Great to see you're enjoying Pinside!

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Topic Gallery There have been 17 images uploaded to this topic. Mycal Pinside member Vacaville, CA 5y 46, 3. Purpledrilmonkey Pinside member Edmonton, AB 5y 53, 3, 1 In order to activate the bonus feature, you must play the maximum credits. Depending on the denomination of the machine this could be two or three credits. Not bad in comparison to other slot machines today.

When the Pinball logo lands on the payline of the third reel you are sent to the bonus game above the reel slots. Each time the ball lands in a pocket you will win that specific number of credits. Your total bonus win is the total of credits accumulated from all four balls. The big prize is a nice win for a quarter slot machine but can be a huge jackpot in the high limits room. The Pinball bonus round is fun with the balls bouncing around.

Unfortunately, each bonus round session will last just under a minute. This short burst of excitement in the Pinball bonus round makes you want to play more often so you can reach the bonus round again. Pinball is a classic slot machine in casinos today. Hopefully, the manufacturer, IGT, can modernize and refresh the Pinball theme like they have with other classic slot machines like Top Dollar. Breathing new life into this classic game would be a welcome sight.

The drawback to Pinball being an old-school, classic game is that it is not available everywhere in brick and mortar casinos.

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