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But there is also a fourth row, where you choose the extra wild for the round. There will always be some players who may prefer lower limits, but there are very few people that want to wager more than the maximum. Poll What is you favourite casino movie? Gladiator Jackpot Deposit Bonus Everyone is always looking for the a deal, and that is exactly what we strive to deliver. This leads to lots of betting options, with the ability to cover all lines for just 0. Look at the tablets in the first row, and you will see how many free spins you have been awarded. Guns N Roses 3.

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Game details:

The game does not disappoint for a single moment, starting from the initial moment you open it. The graphics are impressive, and anyone who has decided to play the Gladiator game for free will like them for their slick appearance.

But the visual appeal holds much more than that. There are cinematic effects that you will appreciate: What you will also like is the footage from the movie on which the Gladiator game is based. Naturally, for those keen on winning Gladiator also holds promises and opportunities to meet their goals, when luck takes them by the hand.

There are also two bonus rounds: You can get the Coliseum bonus round if your chance leads you to hit three scatter symbols, the Coliseum symbols, or more of them: What happens next is that you find yourself in the Coliseum dungeon, and there is a table with tablets. Look at the tablets in the first row, and you will see how many free spins you have been awarded. Look also at the second row, where the bet multiplier for the bonus round is shown.

It can reach fivefold your bet. If you manage to progress to the third row, you will find out the scatter which is in play for the bonus round. The action in this game takes place on the reels, while the action ground is decided in a frame-like pattern. The visuals are stunning as typical for a Betsoft slot, very thorough and nicely tinted.

Amongst them is a shield and sword, a tiger, sack of gold and goblet, chain and ball, and a few fierce looking fighters, with head covered with helmets. When you score a win a symbol jumps out of the reels magnifies and performs a brief animation, for instance, the Gladiator picks up his ball and chain.

Matching the theatrical scenery, suspense loaded music theme sounds in the back. A minor whinge is that the winning line sounds often get gripped by repetitiveness between spinning. By and large, it is a top-class production, so do not be pushed away by this little imperfection. This game is constructed in the typical for BetSoft 30 line format, the developer appears to favor most.

The auto-play option allows you to endorse all your settings and choose the number of spins, which is very practical for the sluggish players among you. Auto-play does not interrupt after the bonus round on this slot. The coliseum, which is a scatter symbol grants the highest award among the single symbols, with coins for a combination of 5 anywhere on the reels and 4 of them gives coins. The two Gladiator icons follow on the ranking of the biggest paying ones with a compensation of coins for 5 of them on a line and coins for 4.

Then the weapons come with the worth of coins for 5 of a sort, and 4 giving Best Online Casinos for This Slot: Min bet per line: So what are you wait for?

Transport yourself back in time with the Gladiator video slot today. Play Gladiator in this casino. More available games The Incredible Hulk. Learn more Got it.

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